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How to fix a cracked iPhone screen

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

I recently dropped my iPhone in the street – really bad, really hard. The screen was cracked and looked somewhat like this:

The phone was still working, but with the cracked screen, it wasn’t a satisfactory state. So, rather than buying a new iPhone (which would be a waste of money and resources, besides being very un-ecological), I looked around a bit and found some great instructinos on how to replace the screen:
On Vimeo.
And on Ifixit.

On ebay you can easily find repair sets, either with tools or just the required glass.

Here are some lessons learnt:
- When buying the repair set, make sure to get the right one for your iPhone model. There are some cable plugs that are different, for instance, from 3G to 3GS.
- You don’t necessarily need to buy a set with tools, if you have a very small Philips screwdriver at home.
- If you do buy the glass only, make sure it contains the required double-sided sticker tape, too. It was missing in my case and I used a double sided carpet tape instead. It works, but doesn’t hold the glass as tightly and the surface isn’t fully flush with the frame.

All in all, the repair didn’t take too long and it will take a lot less time the next time around. The cost was around 9 Euros for the glass – a lot less than a new iPhone. Plus you have the satisfaction of having fixed the iPhone yourself!